The Shropshire Cycling Clubs Association (SCCA) was formed in the 1970s to promote a 25 mile TT championship for Shropshire Riders, since then it has flourished and with the support of the many Shropshire clubs that are affiliated provides a season long calendar of events and competitions.

A list of all of the 2016 prize winners from the various series can be downloaded here

Details of the various series promoted by the SCCA are below

Friction and Hydraulics Shropshire Championship Series

This is a season long competition. Points are awarded to all riders taking part in the events. For events up to 50 miles the winner is awarded 50 points, then dropping down in increments of 5 with every rider getting 5 points for finishing. For the 50 the winner is awarded 70 points going down to 10 points for finishing, while for the 100 the winner is awarded 80 points going down to 15 points for finishing.

Best 12 rounds from 18 count

Overall, Ladies and Juniors sub-series on actual, Veterans on standard.

There is a club competition for the club whose riders accumulate the most points, this is keenly fought and something the club has been very successful in in the past, so even if you do not win a prize yourself you will be helping the club in its bid to win the club competition again.

These events are strictly enter in advance via the standard procedures for entering time trials

2017 Friction

SB Sports Injuries Series

This is another series of events across the whole season but on a mixture of clubs within the SCCA, however these events are all enter on the line.

Like the Friction and Hydraulics seasons there are awards for riders taking part at the end of the season.
20 points go to the winner, going down in increments of 2, down to 2 for finishing.

There is also awards for overall, ladies and juniors based on actuals, and veterans (40+) on standard. Best 12 from 17.

10 of the events start less than 10 miles from Wellington so it is possible to do well over half the season with events that are very much on your doorstep.

2017 SB Series

Coaching Revolutions 2 up 10 mile series

A series with a difference as these are all 10 mile 2up Time Trials.

Again there are awards for riders taking part with 20 points to the winning pair, going down in increments of 2, down to 2 points for finishing. Best 5 from 8

2017 2up Series

Coaching Revolutions Hill Climb Series

Another series of events, prizes for Overall, Veterans, Ladies and Juniors all based on actual time. The Hafren is a two stage event and points will be awarded based on aggregate time for that event.
Best 7 events from 10 to count.

2017 Hill Climb Series


This is now a well established event on the Shropshire TT Scene. There are always several teams from the club, and the competition between teams is fierce, as there is a trophy for the fastest.

The event starts and finishes at Edgmond and after the event there is a barbeque, so even if you are not riding come out and watch the race then enjoy the barbeque afterwards. First teams are not off till 10 0'clock

SCCA Championships and Best All Rounder

Medals are awarded to the top 3 in the four County Championships at 10 ,25, 50 and 100 miles all within the Friction and Hydraulics Series in Overall, Vets, Ladies and Junior categories.

The county Best All Rounder (BAR) is decided over all standard distance events entering the County. To qualify at least one ride must be completed at the following distances:-

Overall and Vets 100, 50 & 25 miles
Ladies 50, 25 & 10 miles
Juniors 25 and 10 miles

There are no restrictions as to how many events can be ridden, with the fastest time at each distance being counted. Times recorded in non SCCA events promoted by the Anfield BC, Chester RC and West Cheshire Time Trial Association can be used. Winners decided by the lowest accumulative time for all distances, except Vets which is decided on the greatest cumulative 'plus'.

The Road Race trophy is awarded to the best placed affiliated rider in the Shropshire and South Staffs Road Race League.

The cyclo cross trophy is awarded to the best placed affiliated riders in a pre-determined event, for 2016, this was an event last December.